Be Your Best Advocate Group Coaching Program

12 Weeks To Help You Push Through Diabetes Self Sabotage

Okay, I have few questions for you...

  •  Have you been making choices that always seem to undermine your diabetes goals?
  •  Do you have a few bad diabetes habits you need to break?
  •  Are you tired of being confused and feeling like you don't really know how to lower your A1C?
  •  Is it just hard to stay on track?

Well, this program is for you if...

  •  You have Type 2 Diabetes.
  •  You WISH you were managing better but you don’t know where to begin. 
  •  You have had diabetes so long your routine is on autopilot (in a bad way).
  •  You’re ready to push the reset button, get real, tweak your processes and make major moves in your diabetes self-care routine?


20 Questions All Diabetics Should Ask


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