What I know for sure...

Diabetes is hard! Honestly diabetes sucks! You don't normally admit this because on most days you act like it's not really there but... Deep down inside, there's a place where you allow very few people. In that space there is a truth you don't normally share. You are in denial of your diagnosis! WHO could blame you? Not me, and no worries my friend, I won't tell anyone.

You can't believe you ACTUALLY have diabetes! You ask yourself "IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING" but most importantly "WHY ME?" You are so used to feeling alone in your diabetes journey that it feels normal! You tell yourself that you can manage your diabetes on your own. Even though you know you are not making the right choices and that you need help! You are finding it harder and harder to bounce back from all the high numbers. 

Sometimes you feel like no matter how hard you try, nothing you do is working.

Sometimes you want to GIVE UP!

In many ways you ALREADY HAVE!

I help diabetics push through... 

Diabetes overwhelm (stagnation & fear) and learn to accept their diabetes diagnosis, so you can find the motivation needed for optimal self-care while adding healthy, happy years back to your life. 

Some of our work will be simply discovery, which is thinking about all the kinds of things related to your world and your world with diabetes. Other parts of our work will be constructing new ideas and processes. Another part of our work will be testing of thoughts and ideas to see how well they fit into your life. Not that fictional one where everything works out perfectly all the time. I'm talking about your REAL life, the one that gets busy, messy, and over scheduled.

We'll get clear on what's getting in the way of your diabetes success. After all, diabetes success equals a longer LIFE! I want to help you shift your mindset, overcome diabetes distress, feel supported, educated and reignite your passion for optimal diabetes self care while adding healthy years back to your life.

I am ready to help you clear your mind and REIGNITE your passion for better diabetes self care.

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It's time to fight back!


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