Making Better Bad Decisions

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Today I want to encourage you to make “Better Bad Decisions.”

I know that sounds crazy, right? Why would anyone want to make a bad decision let alone a better bad one? A better bad decision is simply making the best choice from a list of not so great options.

Here’s why! I believe with every fiber of our being we will always want some type of food we can’t have. I don’t even know why I’m playing! Beating around the bush, when I really want to say, “I will forever and always be totally committed to and in love with chocolate and ice cream.”


There I said it! Those are my two partners in crime and we’ve been together since elementary. The thought of us breaking up forever seems impossible right now. On some level, I keep thinking the more I “out” myself, the less I’ll want to eat those foods. Somehow this hasn’t proved to be true, but I am holding out hope on this one, LOL. 

Don’t leave me here hanging all alone with my stretchy pants on. What are your favorite cravings? The things you will get up and eat in the middle of the night knowing good and well you need to have your butt in the bed?

We are not going to judge one another because we’ve been there at one point or another. However, it’s important to do four things when you face with a really bad craving.

Acknowledge the craving.

Want chocolate cake? Admit it! Sometimes I will battle with myself saying, “I think I want some chocolate cake, but I really shouldn’t…but I want it, but NO”… and so on. I stress myself out simply trying not to want it.

Think about the quantity you really want.

Be honest. If you want the whole donut, think about it, visualize yourself eating it and then imagine how you will feel after having eaten it.

Think about the consequences of indulging in that special treat.

Will it make your blood sugar high? Will it add inches to your waistline? Is eating that one thing going to open the flood gates and make you crave even more sweets or treats?

Find the middle ground between what you want and what is best for you.


Let me give you my own scenario as an example. If I am in the mood for chocolate cake,

a.           Should I bake a cake?

b.           Should I eat a triple chocolate fudge filled cupcake?

c.            Should I eat three miniature brownies?

Please comment below and tell me what you think is best.

Spoiler Alert…here’s my rationale!

A.          Baking a cake is the worst choice because I will end up with way too many servings.  Not to mention it will end up sitting on my dining table for me to eyeball every single time I pass it by. #thestruggleisreal

B.           The cupcake is really not much better when it comes to the numbers, but it is a guaranteed single serving! ONE and DONE!

C.           While the brownies are neither sugar-free nor calorie free, they would satisfy my sweet tooth and due to the much smaller portion, would not be as many calories or carbs as the cake and cupcake.

Seek Progress Not Perfection

In this imperfect world, we will likely still crave soda, crackers, bread, sweets, and all other yummy goodness in the sugar family. While it will be best to avoid most of these items for life (bummer, right?), in the beginning of your weight loss effort, or on days when you have little motivation to do what’s right...

Make a better bad decision.

This lifestyle is a journey, not a sprint so, make good choices as often as you can. Don’t beat yourself up and when you can't make the best choice make a better bad decision. #babysteps #youwillgetthere


Be well & test often,

Carmella J Bell, MS, LMFTA

The Diabetes Strategist


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