What is Diabetes Coaching Anyway?

I realized, although we've been chatting for a while (yay, thanks for hanging in here with me) I may not have done the best job explaining what diabetes coaching is all about and who it's for.

Therefore, I want to pose a question.

Is Diabetes Coaching Even A THING?

I want to spend some time talking about what Diabetes Coaching is.

This is important because it will assist you in finding the type of help you need to beat diabetes.

Diabetes Coaching is the process by which you work with someone who has expertise in

diabetes management. The coach will assess your current regimen, provide real time

solutions and feedback that will support your diabetes goals. The coach acts as the bridge

between the doctor and the patient. An effective coach seeks to help you better execute the

instructions provided by your doctor and to support you through things most doctors don't

have a the time to address. A coach can help you really dig deep to find the root cause of

your what's getting in the way of your diabetes success.

Post in the comments and tell me the first thought that comes to mind when you hear "Diabetes Coaching!" Don't be shy! We can be real honest here. Fire away...as in actually hit start typing and tell me. I really want to know.

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