Tough Talk Tuesday

This is going to be a tough talk Tuesday! Are you ready?

Diabetes is a bully. For many it can be treated and reversed. A lot of people will kick the door in changing habits and doing what's needed to kick diabetes to the curb once and for all.

However, some of my friends will die or be maimed by diabetes.

Why? Because they think they have more time.
More time to drink that last soda, that last juice, that last beer, that last cocktail.

They think they have time to eat that last cookie, eat that last baked potato, that last cake, pie, donuts, pizza, tacos, enchiladas, chips, ice cream, candy, fried chicken, fried pork chops, cornbread, biscuits, fast food...and the list goes on.

They think because they feel "ok" that they have time. They believe "if what I'm doing is so wrong my numbers would be worse or my vision would be blurry or my head would hurt and I don't have any of those symptoms."

That's because they've grown accustomed to what it feels like to consistently have high blood sugar levels.

The truth is, diabetes is coming for you. It's like a thief in the night. Sometimes you don't see it coming until suddenly your foot is gone. Your vision is gone. Your kidney function is gone. The life you once knew is gone. The dreams you had for your future are gone.

I need you to trust and believe this doesn't have to happen. You can have a different outcome. But you've got to choose it. You've got to make up your MIND that you want it. You've got to GET REAL about what's not working. You've got to choose one thing and change it.

You CAN DO THIS! I've got your back. You're not in this alone. Fight for your life!

Be well & test often,

If you need a new strategy, accountability or help with your mindset go to to set up a time to talk with me. Don't be bullied by diabetes.