Diabetes Success Begins In Your Mind Not On Your Plate

Diabetes Success Begins In Your Mind Not On Your Plate

This is something I truly believe in and no one can tell me otherwise!

Good morning my friend & how are you?

I want us to start thinking on this statement. "Diabetes success begins in the mind not on your plate." One of the reasons so many people are unable to improve their diabetes management is because they start from what's on their plate rather than what's going on in their mind.

For example, I can decide to lose weight and can pay a lot of money for a fancy diet or spend a little on a detox. If I haven't come to terms with "MY WHY", you know, the reason why I need to quit playing games and get serious. The reason I need to give up my "besties" ice cream, cookies and chocolate (#thestruggleisreal). The reason I'll have to start calling myself out when I know good and darn well I'm wrong. If I don't identify "MY WHY" (which starts in my mind) I'm not going to stick to ANY diet or healthy lifestyle changes.

Case in point, after I had my second child I was at the heaviest weight I'd ever been at (289 pounds). I was uncomfortable in my body. I was tired all the time and my blood pressure was starting to become elevated for the first time ever.

I decided to start some new diet drops and to my surprise they worked. I ended up losing 60 pounds and was feeling great. But every time I'd end the drops (it was done in a few cycles) and go into the maintenance phase I'd end up either at a restaurant celebrating a birthday (I couldn't pass up) or in my hometown faced with all of my favorite foods I never get to eat at home (#torture).

Every single time (4 or 6 times) I'd say to myself "Ok, you've done good and you can do this. You will be able to enjoy this meal and not fall off the wagon." L.I.E.S! I'd kiss the cement every single time. Sometime it might take me a few months to scoop up all my bad habits again, but I'd get the job done and gain that weight right back.

Have you every played this game? Are you playing it now with your diabetes?

There has to come a day when you have to call yourself on your own crap. Where you tell yourself enough is enough. Where you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do I deserve to live a good life? Am I willing do take the next steps towards it? Can I truly do this on my own? Just look at your previous track record, be honest and be willing to hear the truth. After all, its coming from an expert. It's coming from you.

Be well & get your mind right,


If you need help deciding what your next steps should be or if you need help staying the course go to bit.ly/callwithcarmella to schedule a time to talk with me. It's free and there are no strings attached.