How Many Rounds Have You Been In The Ring With Diabetes?

Not finished with round one because you were just diagnosed? Are you on round 2, 3, 5,10 or 20? By rounds I'm referring to years.

Everyday you wake up diabetes is in the ring waiting for you. Diabetes doesn't take a day off or sleep in.

So, what's happening all the times you don't show up? You're getting hit just like this picture!

Every time your blood sugar is high...PUNCH
Every time you don't take your supplies with you...PUNCH
Every time you don't take your insulin or pills...PUNCH
Every time you eat a carb loaded, sugar infused and fat filled meals...PUNCH

When you end up in the hospital with blood sugar levels over 500, 600 or higher...the ref starts counting to see if it's going to be a KNOCKOUT!

1, 2, 3 ,4....but suddenly with a bloody face and bruised body you rise up and declare you're not a quitter and this fight isn't over...or is it?

How are you showing up in the ring? How many punches are you throwing by way of doing what you know you're supposed to do?

It's time out for acting like diabetes isn't real in our lives. It's time to get in that ring, stand strong, bob & weave and throw the punches of our lives.


Post in the comments how many rounds you've been fighting and let me know one thing you're going to do to show up as a fighter in the ring.

Be well,
Carmella, Author & Diabetes Strategist

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