Wow! I Did NOT See This Coming...

I never would’ve guessed diabetes would crash our party by way of my son’s failed pancreas.

I never would’ve guessed I’d spend my nights wondering and praying whether or not my son would wake up in the morning.

I never would’ve guessed my son and my aunt would both be using the same insulin's.

I never understood just how much I didn’t know about my aunt’s Type 2 diabetes.

I never understood her reality.

The reality that she was killing herself slowly as she ate, drank and snacked herself to death.

This happened because she rarely (if ever) tested her blood sugars.

She normally only took her shots after symptoms were on the rise.

My Aunt Carolyn had a revolving door into the nearest emergency room. Those trips were just another day.

At the very least, she was able to finally get attention from family members concerned about her condition.

One day I started asking questions, questions like…

According to your doctor how often are you supposed to check your blood sugar?

Do you have a sliding scaled?

Do you have a fixed number of carbs you are supposed to eat per day or do you have an insulin to carb ratio?

If you decide to have a treat how do you make accommodations for it?

What is your A1c?

The answer to most of these questions was, “No, I am not sure and I don’t know.”

I became confused, which grew into anger as I started asking other Type 2 Diabetics about their diagnosis day and quizzing them on how much they knew about their condition.

I became angry because EVERYONE I spoke to had almost identical answers.


After all, I learned so much from my Endocrinologists and Diabetes Educators. How did they not?

I’ve come to learn there are many reasons but what I know for sure is that the buck stops here.

It’s time to stop accepting the diabetes status quo. It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to heal you. To heal my son. It’s time for us to become participants on our healthcare team. We’ve got to demand the care we deserve.

I am not a doctor, a Diabetes Educator or a Nutritionist. I am the mother a child with Type 1 Diabetes. I am the niece and friend of many type 2 diabetics. I am LIVID about the under information being given to people with Type 2 Diabetes. I want to be part of the solution.

In order to change course, we each have to change how we think about diabetes. We have to decide how much longer we are going to sit by and wait.

WAIT for the cure that has been coming every five years for at least the last 30 years.

It’s time to get proactive and start taking better care of ourselves. For some, diabetes can be reversed, while for others it may be around much longer. Either way we MUST do everything we can to rebuild our bodies and reclaim our lives.

I never would’ve guessed in a million years that I’d learn so much about diabetes.

I never would’ve guessed my very first book Push Through would have been written for Type 2 diabetics.

I am committed to getting this message out because there is a better life to be had for all diabetics.

It’s time to get Crystal Clear on what’s holding you back.

It’s time to forgive yourself for not knowing how to do better and begin with a Clean Slate.

It’s time to COMMIT to changing how you manage your diabetes and RECLAIM your life.


Be well & Test Often,

Carmella Bell

Diabetes Avocate & Strategist

It's time to fight back!


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