Where Were YOU When the Bomb Dropped?

Where were you when the bomb dropped?

You know, the “You have Diabetes” bomb!” What year was it? What was your life like at that time? Has your life changed a little, a lot or not at all?

You sat on the table, feet dangling in a cold office while you waited for your doctor. You spent the last few weeks, months or years dealing with subtle changes. Up until the moment when a few things hit you all at once like a ton of bricks. You wondered why your body felt so “off”. You were trying your usual remedies and things weren’t really working. You weren’t sure what was going on. It could literally have been anything, but you finally decided to make an appointment.

What’s your story?

What were your first thoughts when the words “You have diabetes” came out of your doctor’s mouth?

How did you feel? Did you even hear a word the doctor said to you or was it more like a Charlie Brown episode where adult voices sound like “Wonk, wonk, wonk?”

What’s your story?

Who in your life truly understands what you have been through? Who knows what you go through on a daily basis managing your diabetes. Who knows exactly how diabetes makes your body feel? Who do you lean on after a tough and rough day dealing with diabetes?

How many days do you have to push yourself out of the bed because you just don’t have the same spring in your step? Worse yet, your feet hurt so bad you can’t even touch the floor. You normally take your prescription med's but they don’t seem to do the job these days. You complain to your doctor but the only reply you are given is another prescription (sigh).

Sometime we need to take a moment to be still and reflect. This is what I am going to ask of you. Think about the questions below. Be Still & Reflect!

Where were you when the bomb dropped?

What have you done to manage the explosion since then?

Have you managed it or did you just push your head into the sand and hope it would go away?

Have you asked for the help you needed? If not, Why not?

Do you even know what you need?

If not, it’s not only time to start asking but you must DEMAND the help and support you deserve.

Who’s in your corner?

I would love for that to be me, but if not, choose someone.

You deserve to LIVE a full and healthy life!


Be well & test often,

Carmella J Bell, MS, LMFTA

Your Diabetes Advocate

It's time to fight back!


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